Silva Ultramind Review 2024 – Is It Worth It?

There is a constant debate over Silva Ultramind’s legitimacy. Some people claim that Jose Silva’s book was comparatively better and had interesting stories, whereas the Vishen-led program is rather ineffective. 

I believe in experiencing things myself instead of jumping the wagon.

So, I took up the Mindvalley Silva Ultramind course to verify whether Silva Ultramind is indeed not up to par. In this article, I will share my personal experience with the course. 

Here, you can expect me to discuss the scientific reasoning behind Silva’s practices, provide a detailed course breakdown, and much more. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s dig into the details.

Quick Silva Ultramind Review: Is It Worth It?

Silva Ultramind is worth it as it has helped me develop the following abilities:-

  • Learn practical techniques like ESP, Centering, and Three Fingers. (For deep manifestation and Healing.)
  • Develop a more solution-oriented and optimistic mindset.
  • Enhance your immunity.
  • Gain a clear, calm, and anxiety-free thought process.

For more insights, you need to go through my detailed article. However, before that, skim through the program’s key parameters below:-

InstructorVishen Lakhiani
Course Duration11 Hours 33 Minutes
Students Enrolled259,140
Pricing$299 (for now)
Available Discount40% – Summer Sale 
Refund Policy15 days
Free TrialNot Available
Ratings (Trust Pilots)4.2 / 5 

Overview: What Is The Mindvalley Silva Method?

Silva Ultramind was founded by the late practitioner Jose Silva, who explained the importance of tapping into one’s subconscious and altering one’s reality. His book also covered many other concepts, and his readers appreciated the examples he provided. 

The concepts were genuinely powerful and effective, and when Vishen Lakhiani discovered them, he decided to integrate those teachings into his platform. The course has 28 lessons that are evenly segregated within four weeks. 

Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley

With over 22 years of experience, Vishen has managed to distill his learnings into bite-sized lectures that are easy to understand. 

You also learn techniques such as ESP, Centering, Mental Screens, and so on. This mainly helps you visualize your life goals and pushes you to achieve them, irrespective of how unrealistic they may seem to others.

Bonus Read: You can read my detailed Mindvalley Review for more insights on the platform.

Silva Ultramind Advantages 

  • Strengthen your intuition.
  • Makes you more calm and composed.
  • Visualization ability heightens.
  • You will notice that your manifestation ability has been enhanced, too.
  • You can improve physical ill symptoms with simple Silva techniques.

Silva Ultramind Disadvantages 

  • In order for Silva’s techniques to work, you must believe in them. 
  • Anyone can visualize, but if they are not completely convinced of what they want, the concept will not work.

Who Is The Silva Ultramind System A Good Fit For?

Silva Ultramind is ideal for anybody who believes in the law of attraction, spirituality, and, most importantly, the connection between your mental and physical being. 

The practices taught in the program help you reiterate your already heightened awareness. 

Check out the pointers below to understand whether Silva Ultramind is best for you. If your answer to the points below is yes, then Silva Ultramind is indeed ideal for you!

  • Difficulty focusing on the solution.
  • Negative thought process.
  • Constantly struggling with a foggy state of mind.
  • Hold yourself back from grabbing opportunities.
  • If you have poor immunity, especially your upper body.
  • Develop an energetic shield around you.
  • It helps you differentiate between anxiety and intuition
  • If you just stumbled upon the concept of spirituality and want to evolve.
  • Difficulty manifesting your desires. (However, it ends up attracting negative things quickly.)

Who Won’t Like The Silva Ultramind System?

Silva Ultramind directly works with your consciousness. 

Therefore, anybody who does not believe in the program’s functioning will not benefit from the Silva techniques. For more details on whether the Vishen-instructed course is not ideal for you, check out the pointers below and see if you resonate with the same:-

  • Do not believe in higher power or synchronicity.
  • Uncomfortable practicing the ESP technique (considering it needs to be scientifically proven.)
  • If concepts like gut feeling, intuition, tapping into alpha/ theta state of mind, etc., make your logical being roll the eyes. 

Why Did I Decide To Do The Silva Ultramind System?

Before signing up with Silva Ultramind, my brain was a mess. 

There were no coherent thoughts and the constant feeling that the world was out to get me somehow restricted me from forming connections. I struggled to be present big time.

Ever since I implemented the Silva Ultramind techniques, be it three-finger, centering exercises, meditations, or reaching an alpha/ theta state of mind, I have observed impeccable results:

  • My ability to solve complex problems has heightened.
  • Being self-aware helps me keep track of my physical and emotional health.
  • Instead of repeatedly complaining about why I keep struggling over the same things, I have started to see the reason behind it. 
  • Continuation of the above point helps me remove the problem from its root.
  • Before, I would ruin good things by finding non-existent faults. However, now I can decipher whether it’s my intuition warning me or if I am just letting my anxiety overpower me.
  • Learning new things/ developing new habits is much easier now.
  • My manifesting skills are much faster and sharper. 
  • Now that my intuition is stronger, I dodge sticky situations easily.

Detailed Lesson Breakdown – Week By Week!

The 28-day program is divided into four weekly modules. These weekly lessons work their way up to increase your manifestation powers and decrease your stress. 

Let’s break down these practical techniques and understand how you can implement them:-

Week One: Mental Screen, Projection of Consciousness & Intuition

The week began with brushing off my basics as I developed effective techniques to solve complex problems and improve my posture. 

The first week’s focus was mainly on tapping into my alpha state, which is also known as ESP (extrasensory perception). The alpha state of consciousness is a frequency between 7 and 14 Hz, and it is a state when you are either daydreaming or almost falling asleep. 

Silva Ultramind Review - Week One
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

Here, my brain is instigated to strengthen its manifesting power. And how did I do that? By exploring the parts of my mind that I normally do not tap into. Have you ever heard Einstien has used only 3% of his brain? Well, it seems like I was using 0.00000000001%.

The more I practiced the ESP techniques,the clearer my intuition became clearer with each passing day. The concept emphasizes helping our brain go beyond the traditional five senses— and that’s how we can develop the sixth sense. 

Do you ever get deja vu? It’s that feeling where you have experienced the same situation before. That’s because you have somewhere dreamt about it while your brain was just enough conscious to store that piece of information.

Silva Ultramind Review - Course
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

However, you only remember the dream once you actually experience its reality.

So, if you like knowing things without physical evidence, this specific exercise will seal the deal for you.

Week Two: Theta Brainwaves & Waking Psychic Ability

I experience frequent nightmares. Not one night goes by without me waking up in a puddle of tears. I am unsure if my room is actually haunted or if I just have poor energetic protection. Either way, it would leave me too drained to go about my day the following morning. 

So, if you struggle with sleep paralysis, I would highly recommend visualizing a white light that protects you from unwanted energetic access. 

This week, I learned three scene techniques and centering exercises to replenish my energy and protect myself from involuntary negative visualization. 

For the last few nights, I have been doing this ritual by explicitly stating that I do not give consent to any negative spell, entity, or anything that exists out there. And somehow, my nightmares stopped. 

Week Two
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

It is probably too soon to celebrate, but so far, I think my mind is tricking me into believing that I am safe. I think that is the whole point of the Silva technique: rewiring your brain because what you think becomes. 

In addition, I also learned that touching an object’s surface helps you see what’s written inside. Although I could not successfully implement it, I believe in its theory. 

This is more so because we all can visualize things, and there is always this inner knowing of knowing things without having any particular evidence. 

Week Two Courses
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

For example, once my friend told me about this tune that I had stuck in his head, but somehow he could not describe it. However, I didn’t know how, but one tune started playing in my mind, and I sent him the voice recording of it. Turns out it was the exact tune. 

Although this incident does not relate to visualizing the hidden writing on the object, I still feel it strongly emphasizes the importance of developing one’s sixth sense. 

Week Three: Manifesting & Healing

The seven-lesson module is divided into two parts. The First three lessons focus on manifesting abilities, whereas the last four push you to heal yourself. 

– Manifesting

Most people these days are embracing the delusions, as many claim that it helps them to escape reality while making them momentarily happy. 

However, some people believe it’s important to stay practical. 

Silva’s practice is a blend of these two perspectives. Be crazy enough to believe in the “unrealistic” dream yet take actionable steps to make it your reality. The 41-minute lesson introduces you to the three scene techniques and mental screen. Let’s break down the concepts:

  • 3 Scenes Techniques

Visualize an absolutely unachievable scenario—many of us daydream, so we unintentionally follow the first step. Then, visualize a step-by-step action that you would take to make it your reality. Finally, visualize you achieving the goal in the present. 

The motive behind the 3-scene technique is tricking your brain into believing that you have already achieved what you want—that it is already your reality. 

Since daydreaming is considered the Alpha State of Mind, you are rewiring your neural pathways to manifest your deepest desires. I guarantee you this technique is super effective! The only thing you need to do is truly believe in your desires. 

Remember, thought becomes a reality. So, if you are uncertain about dreams, you will unintentionally sabotage your on-the-way success. 

  • Mental Screen Technique

The intent is similar. The Mental Screen Technique pushes you to visualise a long-term goal. You need to tap into a meditative and creative space where you have relaxed your mind.

You need to picture a detailed situation that you want to manifest—it can be a relationship, a job, moving out, anything. Paint as many details as possible. Do you want to move to Seoul? Picture it and think about the timeline you want to follow. Do you want to work there? If so, visualize the job, the application process, cutting your hair, your day-to-day schedule, and so on. 

The more detailed the picture you paint, the more you will have an idea of putting actionable steps.

Week Three
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

Remember, while you are visualizing a scenario, it is important to live in the present moment. You need to believe that whatever you try to manifest is your reality. The effective way to achieve this is to ground yourself. 

Silva’s Centering Technique helps you relax in the present rather than being stuck in the past or too focused on “what if it does not work out?” 

Being composed will help attract the same energy back. 

– Healing

Your mental and physical health is always in sync. Therefore, you will notice that 70% of your physical issues stem from stress. 

It starts with hair loss, acne, muscle aches, and poor gut health. In unfortunate situations, you might develop deadly diseases, too. While several studies state the same, I have closely witnessed a few of them.

This is why it’s important to identify your health’s pain points and further use the mental screen technique for successful healing. Now, I am not saying you will save a dying person through this, but it’s more about healing the condition before it gets too severe.

Week Three Courses
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

Ever since I was little, I struggled with chronic illness till the age of 12 or 13. I believe I would visit the doctor every other month. In fact, after hitting puberty, I struggled with severe period cramps for which I could not go without painkillers. 

So much so that the medicine stopped working on my body at times, making me overdose. 

Therefore, I decided to find a different way and stumbled on binaural beats, also known as frequency. You can search for them on YouTube and find music relievers for everything. I religiously use them for migraines and period cramps, but I have also used them for other situations. 

And when I tell you that things work like magic. My migraines stop almost immediately. In fact, I have seen many comments attesting to recovery from much worse situations. 

Again, you really need to believe that it would work. 

Lastly, the module teaches you the technique of projecting to pets. 

Simply put, it is telepathic communication in which you try to connect with your pet. 

By mastering the mental screening technique, you can send love to your pet, gain insights into your pet’s struggles, and even build an emotional bond. 

Since I don’t have pets, I cannot comment on the concept’s legitimacy. So, I would recommend trying out the technique yourself and then letting me know in the comments whether it works.

Week Four: Delta Waves, Higher Guidance, & The Mental Video Technique

Last week was also full of healing. Instead of using the centering or mental screen techniques on yourself, you learn to project on the other person. The concept is similar to animal projection, as you try to understand the other person’s suffering without verbalizing it.

Week Four
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

You go into the state of centering meditation, visualize the other person, and send healing to them. Tap into your higher consciousness and directly ask the other person’s higher self questions. Visualize you having a conversation and them telling you what is going on.

The more you practice your psychic skills, the more you develop your intuition. 

Week Four Course
Source: Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley 

For example, many energy healers tap into people’s energy to bring healing. 

However, when someone does it without the other person’s consent, and that too with evil intent, you end up messing up the person’s health. So, ensure you only use this technique to help your loved ones and not pry into their privacy.

Is The Silva Ultramind Scientifically Proven?

Silva Ultramind is not scientifically proven. However, the teachings in the program are roughly based on science. 

So, take a look at five of its concepts and how you can implement them:-

  • ESP

As much as this concept is widely popular, there is no scientific explanation or proof. 

The ESP technique is also known as extra-sensory perception, and it is a scientific practice that pushes you to strengthen your mental ability. 

Not only that, but you also reach parts of your brain you generally do not tap into. 

Overall, what it helps you with is developing your sixth sense. 

  • Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is a well-appreciated Silva practice that directly works with the neural connections of your brain. It is also known as the visualization technique, where you tap into your deepest desires and further manifest them into reality. 

This concept is highly popular among athletes, who often have unrealistic goals. For example, there was this famous incident when it was considered not to run after hitting a certain mile. 

However, one athlete broke the record by achieving the “unachievable” thing, and multiple athletes broke the record. The point is that your brain limits you. 

So, once you take away its power and believe that you will get whatever you desire, you manifest it. (I want it, I got it!)

  • Meditative State

Daily meditation is so needed and recommended by many practitioners as even if you meditate for five minutes, your brain secrets positive thoughts. It further helps reduce stress, improve your health and immunity, and help you recover from ill symptoms. 

For those struggling with other symptoms such as lower attention span, cloudy thought processes, or even a constant depressive state of mind, Meditation daily would bring so much change in your life.

Checkout the free SIlva Ultramind guided meditations: 

  • Psychoneuroimmunology

When you break down the term “Psychoneuroimmunology,” you get Psych, Neuro, and Immunology. It is basically a practice where you relax your nerves and further strengthen your mind’s immunity.

The easiest way to determine whether you experiencing severe stress is to check your body’s abnormalities —are you having stomach issues? Is your skin breaking out? Do you forget things almost immediately?

If so, actively calm your nerves by deep breathing, Yin Yoga, etc., will slowly improve your mental and physical health.

  • Reaching Alpha State & Theta State of Mind

Silva’s Method emphasizes reaching a much more relaxed state of mind, often known as alpha or theta brain waves. This state of mind is often associated with creativity, manifestation, heightened learning ability, etc. 

Where the alpha state of mind is linked with daydreaming and a light meditative state, the Theta state of mind is REM sleep and deep meditation. Achieving this state of mind helps you unlock better mental capabilities and a deeper consciousness. 

Subscription Plans & Ongoing Discounts

Silva Ultramind does not offer any direct subscription. 

Instead, you need to purchase a Mindvalley all-access subscription, which you can claim by either subscribing to the Standard Plan or the Pro one. 

Subscription PlanMonthlyAnnual

Unlike the standard membership, Mindvalley Pro does not offer any monthly service. 

Speaking of which, I would only recommend the monthly subscription ($49) to users not planning to use the service for the long term. For example, purchasing and renewing the monthly plan for a year will cost you $588. 

However, when you purchase the annual subscription, you only pay $399. 

That means you are indirectly saving $189. 

Besides, you also get $100 OFF on the standard annual plan. 

So, if you merge the total amount, you are saving a whopping $289!

What Do You Get With Mindvalley Standard Subscription?

  • Access to over 100+ courses
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Private Social Network
  • The curriculum is AI-guided, which helps customize the interface to your interests.
  • Access to over 1000 guided meditations and therapeutic sound
  • Share your thoughts and grow alongside fellow learners

Now, if you are an existing Mindvalley member, you can simply upgrade to Pro Membership by paying $198. 

However, if you are a new user and want to purchase the Pro Membership, pay $598.

What Do You Get With Mindvalley Pro Subscription?

  • Access to over 100+ courses
  • Access to Mindvalley’s Private Social Network
  • The curriculum is AI-guided, which helps customize the interface to your interests
  • Access to over 1000 guided meditations and therapeutic sound
  • Share your thoughts and grow alongside fellow learners
  • Group coaching with Vishen and Special Guests
  • Lifelong group embodiment session with Vishen

Comparative Analysis with Other Mindvalley Courses

Let’s compare Silva Ultramind with two of the most popular courses on Mindvalley, which ironically deal with concepts similar to those that Silva’s teachings preaches. So, let’s dig in:-

1. Duality

Duality is more based on energy healing, where you tap into different areas of your body with different chakras. For example, when you meditate for root chakra, you are healing your issues with self-esteem. 

Source: Duality, Mindvalley

Some people have overdeveloped chakras (making them overestimate their value and feel superior to others), whereas others have underdeveloped chakras (making them feel insecure or inferior). Likewise, other chakras focus on creativity/ sensuality, confidence, compassion/ kindness, your voice (ability to speak), and intuition. 

Duality is all about working on available meditations to improve your shortcomings. 

Now, when you compare Jeffery Allen’s energy healing course with Jose Silva’s science-based techniques, there are similarities regarding increasing intuition. The concepts push you to develop better intuition, which, in turn, helps you manifest your desires.

2. Superbrain

Superbrain’s main motive is to push your mind to perform at its highest level. 

While Silva Ultramind too focuses on improving brain waves, the outcomes and intent of both concepts are different. Silva Ultramind is more focused on healing and manifesting things, which requires tapping into the subconscious areas of the mind, whereas Superbrain emphasizes the use of conscious brain functions. 

Source: Superbrain, Jim Kwik

So, if you struggle with short-term memory loss, want to improve your concentration, or even speed up your reading and ability to retain information, then Jim Kwik’s masterclass is ideal for you!

Does Silva Ultramind Actually Work? (Addressing Concerns)

While researching Silva Ultramind, I came across mixed reviews about users and their critical analysis of the program. 

One specific Reddit thread discussed how the platform is apparently fraudulent, considering there are barely any negative reviews. 

Customer Review
Source: Reddit

However, I realized that most of these opinions are not based on their personal experience with Silva Ultramind. They have not signed up on the platform as it’s too expensive and simply judged the course based on a few YouTube clips and tagged it as “boring.”

Source: Reddit

Customer Review Reddit
Source: Reddit

On the flip side, someone who did sign up on the platform had positive things to say. (Again, the opinion is posted on an anonymous platform, so they will hardly gain any benefit by saying good things about Mindvalley’s course.)

They said, “I can say The Silva Method is powerful. I signed up for MindValley in March of this year (I paid). I could do up to, I think, just half of it (because things got busy with the universe answering my prayers, I guess), but all that I asked for literally came true. 

Like I would just stop in my tracks and realize that my prayer has already been answered!” (I have added the source below.)

Source: Reddit

My Verdict: Considering the above testimonials and my personal experience, Silva Ultramind indeed works. I would suggest having an open mind while taking the course. I won’t comment on whether the course heals deadly diseases, but it indeed benefits you in the following ways:-

  • Enhancing your intuition
  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting your creativity
  • Developing a solution-oriented mindset
  • Find a way to balance your emotions, which reduces your depressive symptoms.
  • Improves your memory and concentration
  • Develop better sleep patterns with a deeper and uninterrupted state
  • Increases your immunity once you shift towards a positive mindset
  • Lastly, your visualization power skyrockets, which results in the instant manifestation

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Wrapping Up: Silva Ultramind Review – Is It Worth It?

Silva Ultramind is best for raising awareness and boosting the mind to reach an alpha state, enhancing manifestation power, intuition, creativity, and more.

Additionally, the Silva masterclass is better for anyone experiencing a mental fog. So, if you are looking for ways to gain more clarity, Silva Ultramind is definitely worth it! 

The cherry on top is the $289 discount you get. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Mindvalley’s seven-day free trial, get a first-hand experience, and let it decide your level of commitment!


Does the Silva method work?

Silva’s method indeed works as the concept heavily focuses on relaxing your mind and further tapping into parts of the brain that you normally don’t. This action helps you develop positive traits, be it being more solution-oriented, speeding up your healing, having better immunity, and so on.

How much does Silva UltraMind cost?

Silva Ultramind comes under the Mindvalley all-access plan, which is $399 (Standard Plan) and $598 (Pro Membership). When you subscribe to the Standard Annual Membership, you get $100 OFF, though it is a limited offer.

Does Silva Ultramind offer a free trial?

Silva Ultramind which comes under the Mindvalley all-access plan does not offer any free trial. Instead, you can test its free course which is about 83 minutes, and master the alpha states to reach your mind’s fullest potential and further bring more ease and flow to your life.

Does Silva Ultramind offer a money-back guarantee?

Silva Ultramind offers you a 15-day money-back guarantee when you purchase a Mindvalley Membership.

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