Mindvalley Free Trial 2024: How To Get 7-Day Access?

Mindvalley does not offer a free trial on its memberships. Instead, it offers a limited 7-day free trial on individual courses that are not included in the membership. 

In addition, it offers a 15-day refund policy where you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase and an annual discount of 60%. 

In this article, I’ll share all the details on Mindvalley’s free trial, what it offers, details on its refund policy, and more. 

Does Mindvalley Offer A Free Trial?

It’s not true despite numerous misleading articles claiming Mindvalley offers a 7 to 15-day free trial. The platform no longer offers any free service for the long courses. Instead, it is still available for individual courses. 

Mindvalley only offers a free trial for the limited courses. 

 Instead, you get a 15-day refund policy with Mindvalley. This means if you are not satisfied with the purchase, Mindvalley will provide a full refund of your money with no questions asked. 

Personally, I find the refund policy a great option for people who want to explore Mindvalley risk-free. 

Note: If you want to know more about Mindvalley, then check our detailed Mindvalley review here.

How To Claim Mindvalley Seven-Day Free Trial?

To claim your seven-day free trial with Mindvalley login, follow the instructions below:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: At the top of your screen, you will see a search bar.

Mindvalley Free Trial - Overview
Source: Mindvalley

Step 3: Enter a course name that is not included in the membership.

Mindvalley Free Trial - Enter The Course Name
Source: Mindvalley

Step 4: Select the course from the search results.

Select The Course
Source: Mindvalley

Step 5: Scroll down and click on the big orange button stating, “Join the Membership.”

Join The Program

Step 6: Enter the payment details. 

Enter The Payment Details

Step 7: Finally, click the purple “Subscribe” button, and if the course has a free trial available, your Mindvalley 7 Day Trial will start.

However, in case the program offers hefty discounts – for example, by purchasing Lifebook, you save $951. So, practically, it’s impossible for the platform to give you a free trial on top of this.

Can You Use Mindvalley For Free?

Mindvalley offers over 500 free courses that are changed every single week. Despite the variety in lectures, the feature has quite a few limitations. 

For example, you cannot receive a course completion certificate. If you prefer immersive learning with detailed concept breakdowns, you will need more than 60 to 90-minute video lectures

However, what most people liked about this service was that they got enough insight into the platform to determine whether they liked a program enough to pay for the membership.

Check out the best Mindvalley Free Courses below:-

Discover the Revolutionary Food Freedom System For Your Health Goals in 2024Eric Edmeades60 Minutes
Design a Life So Amazing in 2024 That You’ll Want to Live It Over and Over AgainJon & Missy Butcher90 Minutes
Transform Lives, Starting with Yours: The Mindvalley Certified Life Coach JourneyVishen & Nawalkha1.5 Hours
Discover Jim’s 15-Minute Science-Backed Speed Reading Hack to Absorb, Retain, and Recall More InformationJim Kwik79 Minutes

Is Mindvalley Free For Students?

Mindvalley does not offer separate student discounts. Instead, you can enjoy the same 60% annual discount on a Mindvalley subscription. The annual discount is valid for everyone, including students, professionals, teachers, etc.

Is Mindvalley’s $100 OFF Discount Still Valid?

Mindvalley $100 discount is no longer available. The spring special discount was only available for a limited time. If you didn’t get a chance to claim your discount, don’t worry! 

Mindvalley Discount
Source: Mindvalley

Mindvalley rolls out frequent discounts and deals that you can claim. Currently, you can get 60% off with the annual plan instead. What is the cost of Mindvalley membership?

Mindvalley Membership offers three subscription plans, so let’s go through them one by one:-

  1. Mindvalley Membership – starts at $33.25/ month.

When you opt for Mindvalley Membership’s annual plan, you indirectly save $189-

SubscriptionsMonthly BillingAnnual BillingSavings
Monthly Plan$49$588None
Annual Plan$33.25$399$189

For example, when you subscribe to the annual membership, you pay $33.25 monthly. 

So, when you compare its annual billing ($399) with the Monthly cost’s annual billing ($588), you get the saved amount. Therefore, I will only recommend a $49 monthly subscription if you are not looking to use Mindvalley for the long term. 

However, the annual plan is much more cost-effective if you are taking multiple courses.

  1. Mindvalley Pro Membership

For those already existing Mindvalley members ($399), all you need to do is pay an extra $199. That is because the annual subscription rate for Pro Membership is $598. 

Annual Plan$598
Upgrade membership from $399$199

So, when you subtract $399 from $598, you get $199. 

Therefore, that amount compensates for additional features you once could not access.

  1. Mindvalley Business

Mindvalley Business Mmeberships offers $200 OFF on its two plans: smaller and larger teams. 

There is no difference in the price, irrespective of the massive difference in the number of people using it. Check out the details below:-

Minimum Team MembersMaximum Team MembersPriceDiscount Price

Key Features: What Do You Get From Mindvalley Memberships?

Since the platform has three memberships, you get the following benefits for claiming their respective free trial:-

Standard Membership Benefits

  • You can access 100+ courses
  • The AI-guided curriculum helps to customize the dashboard to your interests
  • Access to 1000+ guided meditation and therapeutic sounds
  • Private Social Network
  • Share your thoughts and grow alongside fellow learners of Mindvalley

Pro Membership Benefits

  • Over 100 courses
  • The AI-guided curriculum helps to customize the dashboard to your interests
  • Access to 1000+ guided meditation and therapeutic sounds
  • Share your thought process and improve alongside fellow learners
  • Private Social Network
  • Group coaching with Vishen Lakhiani and Special Guests
  • Lifelong group embodiment session with Vishen

Business Membership Benefits

  • Access to 80+ Quests
  • Access to over 1000 guided meditations
  • Exclusive Community
  • AI Guided Curriculum
  • Access to Mindvalley Business Platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager – only for a large team

Can You Use the Mindvalley App For Free?

You can use the Mindvalley application for free regarding the free courses. 

Mindvalley App
Source: Mindvalley Mobile Application

However, if you want to try out the paid courses, you must purchase a membership. That being said, the service has a few limitations:

  • The interface is not similar to the browser version. 
  • You can only see some of the courses/ categories that the browser shows you. 
  • On the flip side, you get a Shorts feature. 
  • You can also add reminders to help you start new lessons and keep track of it.

Mindvalley Refund Policy

You get 15 days of money-back guarantee with Mindvalley. 

Once you have applied for the refund, all your subscription benefits will be gone. So, if you still want to leverage the service, make sure you apply for the refund two days before it ends.

Mindvalley Refund Policy
Source: Mindvalley Refund Policy

This is especially important because many users have complained about experiencing problems canceling their service. You will receive your refund within 3-5 business days. However, in special circumstances, it may take up to five days. 

In addition, if you are expecting a refund on any physical package, you must return the product first. Once the team verifies the quality of the product, you will receive your money back.

Wrapping Up: Mindvalley Offers A Free Trial On Individual Courses

Mindvalley does not offer any free trial for Membership. Instead, you can claim it for individual courses that are not included in the membership. 

However, for that, you need to verify whether your desired course has the offer because when I tried it for a few courses, I could not locate the free trial option. In case your desired program does have a Mindvalley 7-day trial, then I recommend planning your schedule so that you complete the course before your demo period ends. 

Taking detailed notes and utilizing free resources will help you sustain your learning! 

So, start by signing up for Mindvalley Standard Membership, as the platform always offers several discounts. 


What is the difference between Mindvalley and Mindvalley Pro?

Mindvalley Membership costs $399 annually, whereas Mindvalley Pro costs $588. The Pro subscription is only slightly expensive due to two additional features.

What is Mindvalley University?

Unlike the video lectures you watch at home, Mindvalley University gives you an in-person experience of 21 days. The live event tickets are available for Adults (18+) as well as Minors (3 to 17). However, under 18 visitors must bring their guardians.

Is Mindvalley better than Masterclass?

Although Mindvalley and Masterclass are competitors, their niches and target audience are completely different. So, if you are interested in learning life skills like cooking, playing football, etc., then a Masterclass is better for you. However, Mindvalley is more suited for individuals looking for personal growth in areas like Mind, Body, Relationships, Soul, etc.

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