Mindvalley University – Everything You Need To KNOW.

Many people are familiar with Mindvalley’s immersive online courses. However, not many are aware of the three-week event happening in the capital of Estonia. 

Therefore, this article will uncover every tiny detail on Mindvalley University – starting from the 2024 event location, subscription plans, VIP passes, age criteria, and refund policy. 

In addition, I will discuss the key differences between the traditional and Mindvalley University and give you some of my insights on what I liked about the platform and what I did not. 

With that, let’s dig into the details:-

What Is Mindvalley University?

The term ‘Mindvalley University’ does not imply your traditional University. 

Founded ByVishen Lakhiani
InstructorsUpto 25 mentors
LocationTallinn, Estonia, at Kultuurikatel
Event Date1st to 21st July 2024
Event DurationUpto 3 weeks
Age CriteriaThree and above. (Under 18 members must bring a guardian)
Price$399 to $999
Refund Policy30 days

Instead, unlike the theory-based academic knowledge you get from studying 3-4 years in college, Mindvalley tries to give you much more wholesome, immersive, and effective learning in just three weeks. 

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  • Mindvalley University Location

The 21-day live event takes place every other year in different cities worldwide. The 2024 event is scheduled for July 1st to July 21st in Tallinn, Estonia, at Kultuurikatel. 

  • Who Teaches The Mindvalley University Courses?

The instructors at Mindvalley are cutting-edge thought leaders, teachers, and experts in their respective fields. Whether you attend for a week or the whole 21 days, I guarantee you will leave completely transformed.

Mindvalley University - Overview
Source: Mindvalley 

You can expect over 25 mentors to teach you a wide range of skills, including:-

  • Vishen Lakhiani: Founder of Mindvalley
  • Ronan Diego De Olivera: Mindvaley’s Health and Fitness Head
  • Marissa Peer: Creator of rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Paul McKenna: World’s Leading Hypnotist
  • Regan Hillyer: Manifestation Coach
  • Niraj Naik: Founder of the Soma Breath

Note: Head to their official website for detailed information on Mindvalley Instructors.

  • Refund Policy

Mindvalley offers a 30-day money-back guarantee before your live event begins on July 1, 2024. To take advantage of this flexible cancellation policy, you must complete a three-minute application. 

Once you have completed the process, the platform will need at least 7 to 14 days to process your refund. Send an email to events@mindvalleysupport.com if you have any queries.

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Things I Like About Mindvalley University – PROS

  • Opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals across the world.
  • The early access to passes cheapens the price.
  • Immersive Learning.
  • Cathartic Experience.
  • Train under industry experts.
  • Learn hacks that took trainers years of decoding.
  • Discover different cultures by staying in random cities.
  • Indulging in different activities helps unlock different parts of yourself.

Things I Dislike About Mindvalley University – CONS

  • Super Expensive.
  • The compulsion of bringing an adult (worst if you are just a month away from being 18 and yet technically considered minor.)

What Does Mindvalley University Include?

Mindvalley University Include
Source: Mindvalley
  • 21 days of immersive learning 
  • Participate in different discussions that focus on different areas of your life.
  • Learn to handle both personal and professional relationships.
  • Set your own goals
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Practise daily meditation
  • Overall, develop a healthy relationship with yourself
  • Meet a global community of learners

How To Get Mindvalley University 2024 Tickets?

Mindvalley University Ticket
Source: Mindvalley

Attending a Mindvalley University live event requires an active Mindvalley Membership. If you do not have a subscription, head to this link and fill out the application form.

Mindvalley University Membership
Source: Mindvalley

Once you fill in your personal details and attach the necessary documents, tick the check mark and submit your application. 

Mindvalley University Personal Details
Source: Mindvalley

What Is The Age Criteria For Attending Mindvalley University?

Anyone above the age of 3 can attend the Mindvalley University event. 

However, if you are under 18, you must bring a guardian. This guardian must either have a Mindvalley membership or an approved application. Otherwise, your entry will be rejected.

The ages are divided into four categories, and that’s how the subscription plans are set:

  • Kids: 6 to 12
  • Toddlers: 3 to 6
  • Teens: 13 to 17
  • Adults: 18 and above

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Mindvalley University Cost – Active Subscription Plans

Mindvalley live events are only available for users who are existing platform members. 

For starters, the adult subscriptions are divided into two parts: Standard and VIP. Meanwhile, kids and toddlers have only one subscription plan. 

So, let’s start by checking out the standard subscription details:-

1. Adults 

DurationEarly Bird
(Jan to March)
(April to May)
Late Bird
(June to July)
One Week$999$1199$1299
Two Weeks$1599$1799$1899
Three Weeks$1899$2099$2199

2. Kids & Teens

DurationEarly Bird
(Jan to March)
(April to May)
Late Bird
(June to July)
One Week$699$799$899
Two Weeks$1199$1299$1399
Three Weeks$1599$1699$1799

3. Toddlers

DurationEarly Bird
(Jan to March)
(April to May)
Late Bird
(June to July)
One Week$399$499$599
Two Weeks$549$649$749
Three Weeks$699$799$899

Remember, tickets are purchased in three parts: early bird, regular, and late bird. So, the sooner you purchase the tickets, the cheaper they are.

In addition, you must pay 20% VAT charges at the end of your checkout. Also, keep in mind that you only need to purchase part of the bundle. 

Instead, you can either go for one or two weeks. 

Adult VIP Ticket Details: What Do You Get?

When you subscribe to the Adult VIP membership, you get three privileges:-

  • Priority Seat that guarantees you view from where you will not miss a thing. 
  • Access to exclusive recordings and stage talks for deeper engagement and learning.
  • Private Social Event: It allows you to connect with VIP guests and experience the personalized summit event.
Adult VIP Ticket Details
Source: Mindvalley

On that note, check out the price details below:-

DurationEarly Bird
(Jan to March)
(April to May)
Late Bird
(June to July)
One Week$1499$1699$1799
Two Weeks$2599$2799$2899
Three Weeks$3399$3599$3699

Mindvalley University Reviews – Testimonials 

I understand how overwhelming it could be to pack your bags and leave for an unknown city for three weeks, especially if you cannot afford the tickets. 

In that case, I have real-time testimonials for you that may or may not influence your decision to sign up for the 2024 event at Mindvalley University. So, let’s check out the details below:-

  • Waleska Cerpa, Mexico

“I compressed one year of growth into one month. Mindvalley University is where you must go to accelerate your life, business, and career. 

Waleska Cerpa
Source: Mindvalley 

The connections you will make with other tribe members are priceless, and you will raise your consciousness and experience humanity in ways you never did before.”

  • Francis Piche, Canada

“I am so happy that I participated in the event. The lessons learned are still marinating inside my body, and I keep on expanding my relationships after the event. The sense of connectedness is strong with the participants, and I know that I made lifelong friends. 

Francis Piche
Source: Mindvalley 

Huge thank you for putting time, effort, love, and divine intention into the events.”

Background: How Did The Mindvalley University Start?

Mindvalley University was simply Vishen Lakhinai’s idea sometime in 2016. He wanted to create a safe, immersive learning space for his loved ones. So, the Mindvalley founder planned a month-long trip to Barcelona and posted about it on Facebook. 

The post went viral, and over 1000 people were interested. Considering the global exchange of this live event, Vishen could only select up to 300 members. Despite that, the initiative was a huge hit and thus ended up having multiple annual events over the years – 

  • Starting from Talin, Estonia, Pula, and Croatia. 

The more the events continued to take place, the more the university’s popularity tenfold, which attracted credible instructors such as Jim Kwik, Ravi Shankar, Wim Hoff, and so on.  

Mindvalley University vs Traditional University

Mindvalley University and Traditional University mainly focus on educational approaches that cater to different preferences. So, let’s break down a few key differences:-

  • Learning Focus

Mindvalley courses typically focus on the personal areas of your life, including Mind, Body, Soul, Career, Relationships, and so on. This flexible curriculum helps students maximize their potential and improve the 12 areas of life.

On the other hand, traditional universities mostly teach academic subjects, such as sciences, humanities, math, etc., as they prepare students for jobs in fields like computer science, medicine, and architecture.

  • Duration

Mindvalley University consists of one to three weeks of annual live events in cities around the globe. Traditional universities offer three to four years of degree courses.

  • Accredited Certificates

Mindvalley University does not offer accredited certificates despite offering some knowledge from partnered Universities like Yale and the University of Michigan. Thus, you cannot use Mindvalley as a substitute for college. 

On the other hand, after completing your bachelor’s or diploma from a traditional University, you get an accredited degree, which helps you land a job.

  • Methods of Delivery 

Both Mindvalley and traditional Universities offer In-person learning. The only difference is the former tackles the personal areas that too for three weeks. 

Meanwhile, the latter focuses on academic-based knowledge over the span of 4 years.

  • Admission Requirements

Traditional universities require you to take entrance exams like the SATs, TOEFL, and GRE, as well as submit your academic records, personal documents, letters of recommendation, and essays. If you are applying to a foreign university, you must provide your result for the Proficiency language test in your native tongue.

In contrast, admission to Mindvalley University requires you to be a Mindvalley member or simply submit an application from the official website. 

Wrapping Up: Is Mindvalley University Worth The Cost?

Mindvalley is indeed expensive for adults, with a one-week fee of $999. However, look at the holistic experience you get by meeting people from all cultures and indulging in immersive activities. You will know that the tearful experience is worth every penny!

Anyone above the age of 3 can attend the 21-day program. However, under 18 members must bring guardians who require Mindvalley membership or an approved application. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sacrifice that latest iPhone for once and invest your money into a transformational experience. I guarantee you will come out as a completely different person at the end of this summit. 

But needless to say, if you cannot attend, you can always apply for a refund. For that, you need at least 30 days of notice. 


What is Mindvalley Academy?

Mindvalley Academy offers a wide range of courses that tackle different areas of life, including mind, body, soul, career, and more. Unlike online courses, existing members have the opportunity to attend live events for up to three weeks in cities across the world.

What is the story behind Mindvalley?

Mindvalley University started as a Facebook post, and Vishen Lakhiani wanted to create a space for his loved ones, so he invited them on a month-long educational trip. Initially, the program limit was only 300 people, but slowly, the post went viral, and that’s how Mindvalley University or Academy became such a hit.

How much does Mindvalley cost membership?

Currently, Mindvalley is offering a $299 membership during its Summer Sale. However, the platform typically costs $399 for a year. If you choose Pro Membership, you must pay $598 annually.

Is there a free version of Mindvalley?

Mindvalley offers free courses that are between 60 and 90 minutes long and change weekly. However, if you want to access the Premium features, you need to subscribe, as there is no free trial. You can always cancel your subscription within 15 days and get a full refund.

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