Cultural Science Journal

Vol 8, No 2 (2015): Broadening Digital Storytelling Horizons

Table of Contents

Broadening Digital Storytelling Horizons

Introduction: Tomorrow’s stories to be left PDF
Burcu Şimşek 1-8
The pot, the cup and the jar: Coming together in/for stories PDF
Şengül İnce 9-21
Owning your emotions or sentimental navel-gazing: Digital storytelling with South African pre-service student educators PDF
Daniela Gachago, Eunice Ivala, Agnes Chigona, Janet Condy 22-42
Digital Words of Wisdom? Digital Storytelling with Older People – Ponderings of a (fairly) new PhD Research Candidate and a (growing) older Digital Storytelling practitioner PDF
Tricia Jenkins 43-62
Learning and intergenerational communication through digital storytelling in the first grades of primary school: Yesteryear Jobs PDF
Efthalia Mouchtari, Michalis Meimaris, Dimitris Gouscos, Maria Sfyroera 63-77
Heart of the Story: Connecting Digital Storytelling to Sociology of Emotions PDF
Gökçe Zeybek Kabakcı 78-88
Digital Storytelling: Resistive Stories and the “Measurement” of Change PDF
Angela M. Kuga Thas 89-105
Digital Words of Wisdom? Milia (AppleTree), An Online Platform for Digital Storytelling PDF
Manolis Spanoudakis, Alexandra Nakou, Eni Meliadou, Dimitris Gouscos, Michalis Meimaris 106-130
Life storytelling at the ABC: Challenges of ‘giving the audience a voice’ in the context of public service media PDF
Sasha Mackay, Elizabeth Heck 131-149
Community Uses of Co-creative Media Digital storytelling and Co-creative Media: The role of community arts and media in propagating and coordinating population-wide creative practice. PDF
Nina Woodrow, Christina Spurgeon, Ellie Rennie, Helen Klaebe, Elizabeth Heck, Brad Haseman, John Hartley, Maura Edmond, Jean Burgess 150-243
The Potential of Digital Storytelling as an Ethnographic Research Technique in Social Sciences PDF
Hatice Şule Oğuz 244-260