Coursera Pricing Plans (2024) – Cost Breakdown!

Coursera costs can be confusing, but I am here to help you know how much the membership vs single courses cost on Coursera. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which plan fits your learning style and budget.

I will also discuss whether investing money in Coursera is worth it and how you can use it without financial commitment.

Let’s dive into the details!

How Much Does Coursera Cost?

Here is a table of the Coursera pricing structure for your ease of understanding.

Coursera Plus CriteriaMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
Free Trial7 Day 7 Day 
Cost for 12 months$708$399

There are two ways to subscribe to Coursera’s online Learning Platform; one is:  

  1. Certificate by certificate (the single course plan – Coursera)
  2. All-access subscription plan (Coursera Plus) 

Coursera Plus is a subscription that costs $399 per year when paid in full and $59 per month. 

As evident, the annual fee membership plan is much more affordable than the monthly one. A monthly membership of $59 for 12 months will cost you $708 ($59×12).

Instead, getting the annual membership with a one-time payment of $399 will help you save $309.

Coursera costs for single courses start from $49 and can go up to $3000+. That is why getting a Coursera Plus subscription is the smart option.

Can You Get Coursera Plus For Free?

You can take thousands of free courses from Coursera’s course library. However, you won’t get a Coursera certificate for the free courses.

Coursera Plus Free Courses
Source: Coursera

To obtain a course completion certificate for any free courses on Coursera, you will have to pay a small fee, which might differ from course to course but is at least $49.

NOTE: Find a list of popular Coursera free courses offered by Coursera here.

Does Coursera Offer A Refund Policy?

Coursera does have a refund policy in place. To get a refund on Coursera Plus, you must meet the following requirements-

  • Request a refund within 14 days of purchasing Coursera Plus
  • Do not earn a course certificate in these 14 days.

After you request a refund, it usually takes 7-10 business days for funds to be returned to your account after a requested refund.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Options By Coursera

On its website, Coursera offers financial aid and scholarships to needy students who can not afford courses. To be eligible for financial aid, you must – 

  • Write an application stating the reason you need this aid.
  • Limit application to 150 words.
  • Fill in your personal details correctly.
  • Not utilizing the free trial or buying any course or subscription already.

Does Coursera Offer Discounts?

Coursera regularly offers discounts on its website. Here are a few options currently available on Coursera.

  •  Coursera for $1 (Referal Program) – Live

You and your loved ones can get Coursera Plus for $1 per month using the referral link provided in your account. This offer is valid till 01/01/2025.

  • Coursera Plus Discount – LIVE

You can also save upto $200 on the Coursera Plus subscription with these exclusive Coursera Plus discount offers.

  • Coursera Black Friday Sale (Not Live)

Coursera offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in October and November. These deals usually receive such a great response that Coursera often extends them by a week until December. 

Coursera vs. Coursera Plus: What Is The Difference Between 

There are a few critical differences between Coursera and Coursera Plus. Let us find out what they are through this easy-to-understand table-

Different CriteriaCourseraCoursera Plus
Free Trial7 days
Money- Back14 days
Service TypeSingle CourseSubscription
Access to Courses1 course90% courses
Certificates1 certificateUnlimited

Eram an online Course expert Shared the Coursera Plus Coupon that saves you $309 When you buy the Annual Plan.

Which Coursera Plan Is Best For You?

The best plan you can choose from Coursera depends on your needs. But as an experienced Coursera learner, I can assure you that you will keep coming back.

Given the access to so many courses and access to resourceful certificates upon completion, getting a Coursera Plus subscription is the best for you.

How Does The Coursera Plus Membership Work?

The Coursera Plus membership gives you access to 90% of Coursera’s courses for a monthly or annual fee. 

With Coursera Plus, you can learn at your own pace and earn a certificate of completion for each course you finish.

Coursera Plus Membership
Source: Coursera

You can earn as many certificates as you want while your membership lasts. Your certificates will stay valid forever, even after your membership expires.

However, when your monthly or annual subscription ends, you will also lose access to the course videos, assessments, and other materials. To access these things, you must renew the same account with either of the subscription plans.

What Are The Benefits Of Coursera Plus?

Coursera Plus is a subscription service that gives you access to 7,000+ course types, namely professional certificates,  specializations, and guided projects.

Benefits Of Coursera Plus
Source: Coursera

Signing up for Coursera Plus has many benefits. My favorite is that I do not have to pay for every course individually. A few other benefits of this Coursera Plus subscription are-

  1. Do multiple courses at once.
  2. Earn as many certificates as you can.
  3. One-Time Fee.
  4. 7- Day Free-Trial.
  5. 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Coursera Payment Options

To complete a purchase for the Coursera subscription, you can make use of the below-accepted payment methods: 

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. Prepaid cards
  4. PayPal
  5. Third-party payments

To get more information about the payment options and specifics on it, reach out to the Coursera Help articles on payment

What Is The Difference Between A Coursera Course And A Specialization?

A Coursera course is a single, standalone course you can take independently. A specialization is a series of courses that helps you master a particular skill.

Coursera Course And A Specialization
Source: Coursera

While the price and quality of each course will vary based on the demand and resources of the university offering it, specialization would be a more complete experience, providing multiple perspectives on the same material.

Are Coursera Courses Recognized & Accredited?

Coursera is accredited, as learners can earn credit that will contribute to their education. 

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit on Coursera.

Furthermore, when employers see these certificates, they can impact your hiring chances, as they help you stand out and portray your passion for learning more.

Therefore, Coursera courses are well-recognized and accredited as well.

Pros & Cons Of Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus has many pros and a few cons that they should work on. I have listed them below to help you understand them better. 


  • Massive course catalog 
  • Partnership with Ivy League Institutes
  • Partners with Tech Giants
  • Provides unlimited certificates


  • Do not Include Degree Courses
  • Some of the courses require prior knowledge 

Is It Worth It to Pay For Coursera?

Coursera offers courses by the best organizations and is partnered with  Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Yake, and Standford. They also provide credits that contribute towards your education.

Course completion certificates are also widely recognized in the workforce. Hiring managers appreciate Coursera certificates as they reflect candidates’ willingness to learn and update themselves with new job-ready skills.

Therefore, the Coursera certificates are worth it for the price one has to pay for Coursera Plus.

Which Are The Best Coursera Plus Certificates?

Coursera Plus offers a variety of courses in fields like science, math, art, humanities, and more. The top courses that are currently trending on Coursera are as follows- 

  1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  2. IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate
  3. Google Project Management: Professional Certificate
  4. IBM AI Developer Professional Certificate
  5. Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

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Final Verdict: Coursera Plan starts $59/month

Coursera can be expensive if you buy each course individually. Instead, going with Coursera Plus costs less and gives you an edge over your peers by offering the opportunity to earn unlimited certificates.

If you are scared to make this investment, do not worry. As pointed out above, Coursera Plus offers a 7-day Free Trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the platform without making any financial commitments.

What are you waiting for? If you want to excel academically and professionally, earn unlimited certificates on Coursera Plus today while saving up yearly.


What is the new Coursera Plus price?

The Coursera Plus price in 2024 is $59 per month and $399 per year. This subscription offers almost all the courses and unlimited certificates on Coursera.

Which are the best free courses on Coursera?

Some of the best free Coursera courses are The Science of Well-being by Yale University, Learning How to Learn by Deep Tech Solutions, and Financial Markets by Yale University again. 

How many certificates can I get on Coursera Plus?

There is no limit to getting a certificate on Coursera Plus. You can get as many certificates for specialization, project, or professional courses.

How to get Coursera Plus for $1?

Coursera Plus can be earned for $1 through the referral program, which is currently running on its platform.

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