Papers and Publications

Background Papers from Creative Destruction 2008

Dr Alex Bentley
Paper 1: Regular Rates of Popular Culture Change Reflect Random Copying
Paper 2: Fashion versus Reason - Then and Now

Prof Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
Paper 1: Adam Smith and Confucius - A Tour d'Horizon Towards a Transcultural Foundation of Institutions
Paper 2: Elements of a Neo-Veblenian Theory of the Individual

Prof Evelyn Welch
Paper 1: AHRC Beyond Text: Performances, Sounds, Images, Objects Programme

Dr Jason Potts
Paper 1: Social network markets: A new definition of the creative industries
Paper 2: A Cultural Science (Kulturewissenschaft) Manifesto

D/Prof John Hartley
Paper 1: From the Consciousness Industry to Creative Industries: Consumer-created content, social network markets, and the growth of knowledge

Kate Morrison
Paper 1: Industry Policy as Innovation Policy

Dr Mark Matthews
Paper 1: Managing uncertainty and risk in science, innovation and preparedness: Why public policy should pay more attention to geopolitical and financial considerations
Paper 2: The Theory of Complex Phenomena

Paul Ormerod
Paper 1: A CCi Research Agenda from the Perspective of Economic Theory

Prof Richard E Lee
Paper 1: Cultural Studies, Complexity Studies and the Transformation of the Structures of Knowledge

Prof Stuart Cunningham
Paper 1: Four Models of the Creative Industries